Hi!  I'm Meghan Gordon, founder of The Chocolate Chickadee.  

Eight years ago, I was so dreadful in the kitchen that I'd regularly mess up boiling water. But through a series of somewhat accidental events, I made an asparagus & mushroom risotto, and shortly after that some not bad pumpkin pie, and through it I discovered how much I enjoy cooking and some VERY well hidden talent!

When the quarantine began, I finally had the time and energy to follow my dream of opening a small business cooking and baking for friends and acquaintances.

I named my eatery The Chocolate 

Chickadee because my grandpa used to call me his chocolate covered chickadee. I bake and cook in part to honor both my grandparents, who I loved dearly.

Thank you for your support!  I hope you all stay healthy and safe!

Me and Adam

My family. 

Adam cleans up nice. 

Lily is attending the U of M School of Nursing. 

Ian plans to be a professional rock climber. 

My inspiration, every day. 

My grandma was a loving cook, specializing in Czech baked goods.  She passed away many years ago,

but I feel her with me again

when I'm in the kitchen.